So … it’s been a while …

Why don't he writeIt’s been nearly a year since I posted. It’s slack of me but then again, writing is a funny beast. Some days you have so much to say then there’s weeks where you’re a boring and/or cranky s**t and you don’t want to have a rant or try desperately to write something witty that just comes out false.

How about a catch-up on the happenings of the last year? Let’s see …

1. The Play

I found my man – actually, two – and we adapted to a smaller cast play and it went exceedingly well. Great cast members who were lots of fun and lots of people came and clapped and spent money at the bar so YAY!

2. Work

Had an offer to do 3 months as Library Officer (casual) in a small library outpost (I’m talking one small but very cute room) that turned into 7 months. It was a lovely way to finish off my involvement with libraries and the organisation – very positive and enjoyable.

Also had a bash at some interesting contract work – editing and checking accuracy of content for a behemoth of a website before it was upgraded to a new platform. Very difficult at times but hopefully it helped them out.

Also designed the branding and created collateral for a statewide library conference – another challenging task but I loved every minute of the experience.  A bit of a coup for a just-finished-her-diploma graphic designer and will look great on my CV.

3. IVF

Yep, we’re done. No more of that shit, thanks. It’s been over a year and I feel like it’s only now my body is starting to come back into some semblance of normalcy. Thanks steroids for making me fatter for no reason, you wankers.

So that’s the highlight reel. But here’s the reason why I have the urge to write again …

We’re moving to New Zealand in 11 days’ time.


You did not see that plot twist coming, did you?

You’re welcome.