Feeling pretty damn clever!

RBG 2nd Draft Linking Alms LogoI’ve been working on a job for a local not for profit organisation and it’s been frustrating the hell out of both parties for about two weeks.

It’s for an annual community project that happens every Christmas and is, in my humble opinion, just bloody brilliant. The community group, along with the local newspaper and other NFP organisations in town, coordinate and publish a list of families (no names, of course. Just details such as ‘mum, dad, girl 14, boy 7’ so people have an idea of gifts to buy/how big to make the hamper etc) that are currently undergoing financial hardship and people can ‘adopt a family’ and build a Christmas hamper containing food, celebratory items and christmas gifts for them.

It is such a lovely way of giving back to the community and spreading the Christmas cheer around to those that may not be feeling the love.

So, anyway, the NFP organisation got a new coordinator early this year. And I used to work with her and then was her supervisor for a brief period. Luckily, we had a great working relationship so when I left my job and went out on my own, she was most generous in sending any graphic design work my way.  As repayment, I set their newsletter every quarter for free (my way of donating to their fantastic programs and thanking the hand that is doing a lot of feeding of me!).

We usually can communicate very well regarding what she wants for a certain job. But this one … this has been a struggle for both of us.  At first I did two hands intertwined on the front of the christmas present and the gift card with their logo and was pretty pleased with it … but it was too much like ‘all about them’.

They don’t feel they have complete ownership of the Linking Alms appeal so they didn’t want it to necessarily be their colours/logo etc. They wanted to keep the old clipart of people holding hands but it was a design that wasn’t very clear and I couldn’t do much with (although I did like the concept). At least, they did want something ‘christmas-y’ so I was on track with the christmas present box …

I wracked my brain, trying to think of what the hell I could do that would incorporate the old image of people holding hands and christmas … and came up with the above.  It meant using the pen tool to trace the individual people (there’s a granddad, little girl, dad, little boy and mum in a rotation of colours) so they were clearly outlined and vector graphics so I could use the perspective tool to wrap them around the bottom of the christmas present.  And although I’ve done a quickie tour of how to use the perspective tool in InDesign, I hadn’t really used it until today, so that was another whole lesson in itself.

However, I managed it and I must admit to sitting back with a glass of wine at the end of today and feeling pretty damn pleased with myself! As a draft logo, it’s pretty clear, relatively simple and conveys the message of people linking together at Christmas.

I just hope they like it!