I once was happily married with 3 kids. Now I am again – but the man has changed and the kids have grown. And after years of being everything librarian, I have changed that too.


My man in Meteora, Greece. Both such peaceful and beautiful parts of the world.

I am extremely fortunate in that I have had so many opportunities career-wise. For two years, I could afford to work from home, doing what I truly loved: proofreading for the analytical, grammar nazi OCD side and graphic design for the light, crazy, OMG look at all the beauty in the world side.

Early this year, my NIH (New Improved Husband) and I waved goodbye to grown kids and moved to New Zealand for a bit of an adventure. We’re now six months into it and loving everything (even the rain!).

I’m no stranger to blogging but it’s been a while since I had one I regularly wrote in and even longer since it was actually more than a rant against the world and a few individuals who will remain unmentionable.

I am scared to draw and yet I love it.  I am bored easily but can be incredibly lazy. I am pretty smart but have made some absolutely stupid decisions in my lifetime. I think I’m funny … let’s hope I’m not entirely off the mark with that one.

I completed my Diploma of Graphic Design and am now trialling a complete tangent on previous careers, working for a great little website design and software development company in their IT support section. Some days I feel extremely dumb but it’s getting better!

At the moment, my blogs are pretty much baby-related as, after 6 years of trying and failing miserably to get pregnant, we did it. Who knew all it took was a move to New Zealand to draw the spark! I’ve just started maternity leave and we’re only a few weeks away from baby’s arrival, which I have no doubt will bring a whole new set of things to write about … if I ever get the time.

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