The power of Facebook

fb octopus

I know. My talents are wasted.

I seem to be dabbling in a fair bit of web-type work at the moment with a new webpage for an association I work for on contract. We had a proper professional set it up in WordPress so a numpty like me could actually manage it without popping a hernia. The old one was a target for hackers (I have no idea why) and was in Joomla, which, it turns out, I hate with a passion.

I am also developing a new webpage in WordPress (in which tips and tricks from the professional setup I’m working with have come in handy) for an association I do work for the love of the club in particular and the World Game in general (that’s either soccer or football, depending on where you live).

As part of all this digital dabbling, Facebook has to get involved at some point and today has definitely shown me the amazing tentacles of power this social media mega-monster possesses.

Currently, my phone is beeping every few minutes due to the fact it’s logged into Facebook (constantly) and I’m carrying on conversations and swapping quips with: high school friends, most of which I haven’t actually laid eyes on for at least 10 years, if not more; soccer friends, who live just up the road or on the other side of town; people I barely know, only through association with the same club and; old friends from way back who saw a picture my sister in law took and put on a nation-wide weather page and messaged me to ask if she was related.

How’s that for multitasking?

I’m not a regular status updater. I will admit to being partial to Facestalking most of the time. Sometimes, though, I do go through a stage where I want to tell the world what I had for lunch. To be fair, that stage was mainly when we traveled through Japan and Europe and it seemed only reasonable to make everyone I knew sick with jealousy because I was TRAVELING THROUGH JAPAN AND EUROPE AND WOOWEE THAT SHIT IS WORTH SHARING!

Today, I did a not so smart thing. I created a new page for the club, not realising we already had a page (even though I myself had liked it many months ago – told you it wasn’t a smart thing).

We have a Closed Group page that makes it hard for new people to find us and get information and we can’t like other pages such as local sponsors so it was decided to work towards closing it down and using a ‘page’ page to solve our issues. Little did the majority of the committee realise we already had it. Being an ex-Librarian, I should have known to do a search first. D’oh.

Queue momentary chaos.

Facebook – love it or loath it – has an incredible reach. At least people in town are talking about our club this afternoon!