Home is where the kids are

static_mapHard to believe it’s been more than a week since we returned from our whirlwind tour of Emerald! Even though it was a very quick and dirty visit, we managed to jam a fair bit in and caught up with family and friends.

It’s coming up to our six month anniversary here in NZ but flying into Emerald, it felt like we’d never left. We were fortunate to have awesome weather – not too hot, not too cold – and I certainly realised belatedly that perhaps I should have slapped some fake tan on to hide the fact I am the palest I think I’ve ever been! However, I’d worked hard to landscape those legs so they had to be shown off, even if the glare was blinding.

Family dinners, breakfast BBQ’s and Fathers Day bowls were all part of the fun but for me, the nicest part was just hanging out with my three kids talking garbage. They introduced me to the joys of Rick and Morty (a terribly rude and childish yet fiendishly funny cartoon) and I encouraged their education in all things comedy with Brooklyn 99.

I’m pleased to say they are all coping extremely well without me around. The boys’ flat was neat and tidy (I do suspect a pre-mother visit clean up happened) and they all look healthy and happy. I knew they’d be fine but it’s nice to see the proof.

We spent most of our last day together watching movies and chatting and eating. Nothing spectacular but then again sometimes it’s just the simple things in life that can mean the most.

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