Going home for a visit


Everything grows quicker in NZ

We’re heading back to Sunny Central Queensland for a brief visit next Father’s Day weekend and I’m so excited to catch up with the kids, family and friends for a few days. It’s been five months since we landed in New Zealand and whilst we have had such a good time getting established and finding our way (even with the few hiccups we’ve encountered), I have missed the family connections and friendships built up over time.

I’m not so excited about reacquainting myself with the heat however. We’re still doing 4 – 14 degree days here (although today is a huge 17 degrees!) whereas Emerald will be getting back up to 17 – 27 degrees while we’re home. Still, that’s fairly reasonable. I think I can take it. Except for one tiny little thing … It means I’ll have to wear shorts.

And that means I’ll have to shave my legs.

Those babies haven’t seen sunlight for months and I checked out their condition just out of curiosity the other day. I must admit … it’s not a pretty sight, people. Those poor pins are the palest colour I think they’ve ever been and whilst the overall hair coverage is relatively sparse, what is there is long and wispy. I relayed these facts to my daughter and the reply was a very disgusted “Sort dat out lady!”.

It’s on my list of things to do this weekend, along with finalising my taxes and seeing Final Fantasy XV in a special showing at the cinemas.

So I’ll be greeting the family with legs that will be bare-haired, pale and pasty … and possibly sporting a few razor cuts from lack of practice.

But at least I can console myself with the fact I’ve saved a fortune in razors.


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