Obsessive compulsive or just like to be organised?


It even tells you what to wear!

I can’t be the only one who compulsively checks their weather app one hundred times a day … can I?  I reason the obsession by telling NIH that I am as yet unaccustomed to the wide and varied weather changes Hamilton has and therefore checking the weather app on my phone is not only necessary but very wise.

I mean, how else am I going to know what to wear?

I like to know that I’m not just crazy and it is actually quite cold.  I also like to know if I should carry the umbrella to work with me – even though it’s quite compact and I might as well just take it every day and stop trying to guesstimate.

In short, I am a control freak and since the weather can’t be controlled, at least I can feel as if I have some semblance of containing it. As a result, I love checking out new weather sites and since moving to NZ it’s been a struggle to get a phone app as good as Weatherzone.  Not only did it give me details of the daily weather, but also a forecast of the next five days and pretty pictures as well.

After quite a bit of experimentation, I found Yahoo! Weather to be the best thing for Hamilton. It uses flickr images to deliver the ‘pretty’ factor as well as giving an hour-by-hour summary of temperature and climactic activity.  I feel suitably informed on what I should expect when I step out the door of our unit.

Or at least I did … until I was put onto the MetService website – New Zealand’s answer to BOM. Not only does it have detail upon detail … but it tells you how many layers of clothes you should consider wearing if you’re stepping outside!

I’d be so interested to see what it would advise if the temps ever got up to the range of a typical summer’s day in Emerald ….


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