A confession

2015-04-03_17.46.25[1]You know how sometimes the “YOU” in your head turns out to be slightly different to the “YOU” in real life? Anyone who’s walked past a mirror can put their hand up here. But I’m not talking about physical attributes so much as personality.  For instance, I always thought of myself as someone who was a pretty casual go-with-the-flow kind of person. Not very competitive – more like someone who just wanted everyone to be happy and enjoy life.

Turns out … I’m not. I’m a competitive little so-and-so who likes to THINK she doesn’t care but in actual fact she does.

On the soccer field, I believe totally in the code of ‘playing the ball, not the player’ and making sure fun and fitness is the prime target of the game, not who wins and who loses.  But don’t jab me repeatedly with your elbow, friend, or I shall be after you with the wrath akin to a premenstrual woman who has been asked if she’s shitty because she’s premenstrual.

NIH has discovered my petty desire to win competitiveness in the last few years, now that he’s put a ring on it and good luck getting away now, buddy.

There’s an app called Swarm – look it up. It’s fun. Basically you’re making sure you check into more shops, bars, supermarkets, towns – even countries – than your friends. And since there’s just the two of us (that we know of) on it, life gets a little … competitive.

And since I work in the city I have more opportunities than he does to check into places. And I can be mean strategic about it too. Yesterday I checked into a different coffee place than usual (+10 points for new place; +5 points for most number of coffee shops; +2 points for 5 weeks in a row checking into coffee shops). The coffee was pretty ordinary, I have to say. But if I’d checked into the regular coffee place that has nice coffee (where I’m the Mayor (+2 points)) I wouldn’t have received as much.

We’ve gotten so bad we’ve had to agree on rules. For instance, we can’t ‘check in’ to New Zealand every day because essentially we haven’t left it yet. NIH travels to Rotorua twice a week. Now I’m not implying that he TOTALLY USES that fact to his advantage to check into Hamilton and Rotorua to gather points in a DESPERATE BID to beat me. Oh no.  I’m totally calling it, bud.

It’s seriously been getting ridiculous and we’ve both had our sulky moments where the other person has totally creamed us that week. I was starting to worry about our behaviour.

But last week, a new app came out. You’ve probably heard about it – Pokemon Go.  So, perhaps our Swarm addiction will calm down a little now and things will get back onto an even keel.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Doduo that needs my attention and those eggs aren’t going to hatch themselves …


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