A minute to tell you about me

My new workplace is vibrant and dynamic, even though it’s full of tech-heads and web nerds. They are totally the coolest bunch of people.  They have a lunch meeting once every two weeks to allow each division to ‘show and tell’ what they’re up to with various projects, as well as nurture overall team spirit. At this meeting, any newbies are given a minute to stand up and tell everyone about themselves, either through a little speech or interpretive dance (seriously – it’s in the induction package.)

I think I’m a pretty cool dancer, especially when I’ve had a few drinkies, but I wasn’t too sure that was the way to go for me. What do you tell people about yourself? Just lay it all out on the table or little tidbits and if they want to know more, they’ll find out later?

I pondered on what I could do that would a) be impressive (like I said, they’re all cool kids and I wanna be cool too) whilst b) show them a bit about me.  So I did what I always do.

I wrote a poem. Here it is:

A minute to tell you about me
Or give an interpretive dance
Whilst I’m thoroughly tempted to Nay Nay
I’m afraid of your looks of askance!

So I’ll just offer up a short poem
To give you an insight of me
Not so epic as that Ancient Mariner
Although I did grow up by the sea.

In a country you may be familiar
Australia, the land of much heat
Where most of the wilderness creatures
Are quite keen upon you to eat.

Aussies aren’t all like Steve Irwin
Yelling crikey and cracking a smile
If I see a log in the river,
My first thought is “Argh! Crocodile!”

Karate chopping and girlishly screaming
Leaving all else behind in my wake
If you catch this performance, be assured
I’ve mistaken a cord for a snake.

I have realised that Aussies are guarded
We’re subconsciously on ‘high alert’
Approach from the rear if you must,
But warn me or else you’ll get hurt.

A librarian and graphic designer
You could say I’m a real study tart
Addicted to gathering info
Lifelong learning is close to my heart.

I’m also a bit of a traveller,
And willing to give things a go
So when hubby said “Whaddya reckon
Could you live in New Zealand – yes or no?”

I wiped off the sweat from my forehead
January. Central Queensland. Bloody hot.
“Well, it’s cooler than here,” I replied,
“Let’s do it. I’m in. Why not?”

My kids are all grown so my role
As the mother was quite obsolete.
So we sold, packed and rented the house out.
Waved goodbye to the kids, dust and heat.

Here we are – awesome sights, friendly people
We’re so glad we chose to be bold
But the best thing (apart from Enlighten)
Is the fact that I’m finally cold!

A newbie to country and workplace
So grateful for a wonderful start
I love it all – am so happy to be here
Thanks Enlighten, from the bottom of my heart.


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