Kia Ora!

Sunrise over Hamilton, NZ

Sunrise over Hamilton, NZ

It’s been just over two months since we left Central Queensland, Australia and landed in Hamilton, New Zealand.

It hasn’t all been action-packed – there’s been days when I’ve wanted to poke my own eyes out with boredom – but looking back, I realise we’ve achieved a lot in a short amount of time.  Like:

  • buy a car
  • find a unit to rent
  • get all the financial/identity s**t you need to be a functioning part of society
  • scope out your surroundings
  • play the tourist (why else would you move away from friends and family, if not to experience a big adventure?)
  • look for jobs
  • wait for  your furniture to arrive
  • and wait …
  • and wait …

Most of this stuff I’ve done on my own. My NIH is quite comfortable on his own, which is kinda strange for a Gemini but then he’s right on the cusp with Taurus so I just blame that. On the other hand, I am a true Gemini in the sense that I love people so being on my own has been a test for me – but one I rather think I’m getting the hang of.

I started this blog to journalise my step away from the safety of ‘regular’ work in libraries – something I’ve done for years – into the freelance world of graphic design. If someone had told me a year ago I’d actually be living in New Zealand in the not-too-distant future, I would have laughed and said “Well, at least it would be cooler than here!” and promptly dismissed it. Yet – here we are. Setting ourselves up for a life in another country.

I thought about changing the title of my blog but realised that it still fit the subject matter. How much more creative can you get in midlife than immersing yourself in a new culture?

I’ve been keeping a journal using the good ol’ pen and paper, although I haven’t been as consistent with my entries as I used to be. Now that I have my computer back (and getting that sorted is a story in itself!), it’s onward and upward with keeping track of our ‘Adventures in Middle Earth’.

Yes. I went there.



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