Is Print Dead?

Background rainbowWell, gosh I hope not as this is the area I am currently neck-deep in with my graphic design studies and knowledge! Whilst I like tinkering with web page design, I don’t think I’m ‘all that’ with it. Being a recovering Librarian, I am all about the paper.  As part of a study module, I had to write an article on future trends in the area of expertise I wanted to … become an expert in?

So here it is, in all it’s glory. Should you be interested in reading it, by all means go ahead. It’s not long. And has pretty pictures in it (some I didn’t even swipe from the internet but made myself).

Is Print dead Specialisation article

And if you have any particular thoughts on whether you think print is about to be wiped off the mat or is here to stay, please feel free to leave a comment! (you’ll be included in my final assignment submission hehe)


2 thoughts on “Is Print Dead?

  1. I do not think print is dead. I just finished my studies in printing and paper technology paper and where certain types of print might disappear (such as books or magazines, which we can slowly observe) there is still a lot to be done in mediums such as printing on fabrics or packaging. We live in age that product’s packaging affects us even more than ever before and this is the area where print design will definitely keep on growing. We are still not advanced enough in technology to replace any paper mediums like posters, outdoor ads, billboards etc. Some branches of print might be slowly getting redundant but in my opinion it still will take quite a while to get rid of it completely.


    • Thanks for commenting! I agree – paper has been around far too long to be totally replaced overnight. As humans, we are quite resistant to change and whilst some may embrace new technologies readily, the majority usually take a lot of convincing 🙂


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